Launched in 2014, Videre Licet (Latin for "to be able to see") is a collaboration between artist and designer Daniele Albright and design curator Stefan Lawrence. Based in Los Angeles, they intersect practices of art and design and describe their work as "conceptual glamour," bridging a wide range of California references from minimalist sculpture to Hollywood glamour to '70s experimentalism. Designed using contemporary technologies but crafted entirely by hand, the collection includes functional pieces as well as sculptural works produced in limited editions. 

The New York Times has called the collection "daring, glamorous and a touch tongue-in-cheek" while the Wall Street Journal says it "exemplifies the push-me-pull-you tension between minimalism and materiality that defines luxury design."


Daniele Albright is from Los Angeles and received a BFA in Sculpture from Parsons School of Design in NYC in addition to three masters degrees, including an MFA from CalArts, an MA (Visual Studies) from UC Irvine and an MA (Comparative Literature/Critical Theory), also from UC Irvine. In addition to her art and design work and time spent teaching in academia, she works on occasion as a photographer for various publications, including the Gypset series of books for Assouline. 

Daniele is the designer and producer of the Videre Licet collection. 


Stefan Lawrence is from New York, where he worked as a commercial and editorial photographer before moving to Los Angeles and opening Twentieth in 1999. Now housed in a landmark building designed by Neil Denari, Twentieth has become a leading resource for the best of contemporary design. In 2016 Twentieth expanded to include THE NEW, a gallery space located next door that features rotating exhibitions of unique and limited edition works that bridge art and design. 

Stefan is the curator of the Videre Licet collection.